OpenSpeedMonitor Release 5.1.0

12.02.2019 von 2019-05-14
iteratec GmbH
OpenSpeedMonitor Release 5.1.0

TL;DR: Our focus is to give users a fast and simple view on the health status of their measurements, with that in mind we are happy to announce the OpenSpeedMonitor (OSM) 5.1.0 release.

Continuing with improvements to a more user friendly OpenSpeedMonitor (OSM) we asked ourselves "What crucial information needs to be more visible and easier accessible?" Since we added the application dashboard there has been a quick way to evaluate the performance of your website or web application, but we were still missing a way to tell if there are problems with your measurements in general. Through past experience we know that measuring with real devices is prone to fail. During each measurement, there are a number of possible problems, which are hard to detect. In the next few paragraphs we would like to introduce some core features of this release, which help to detect these problems.

Updated Error Handling Of Failing Jobs And WebPageTest-Results

As a first step to make it easier to check your measurements, we are now highlighting failed jobs in the joblist. In order to implement this we unified some error codes in our domain model and backend. While this refactoring isn't seen by the user it helps to get some much needed consistency to evaluate the WebPageTest (WPT) results. In addition, this refactoring helps us in finding measurement errors and understanding what caused the error in the first place.

Our Reworked New Startpage

With this OSM release, most users will first notice the new start page. Whenever something is broken you want to see it immediately. The start page now highlights every failing or broken job as well as displaying the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) of every application. More specifically you can see how many of your last measurements of a particular job failed, and you can navigate directly to the failed measurements to see what went wrong.

Easy Graphite Integration

Did you know it was possible to combine the power of Graphite and OpenSpeedMonitor? Well, now you do! This was always possible, however it wasn't really easy to setup nor easy to find. Now you get the option to add a Graphite server directly on the application dashboard. With this new feature you can easily setup graphite integration for your application and enjoy all the advantages of Graphite. An example for Graphite usage could be to use Grafana to build own alerts and dashboards to further optimize the monitoring of your measurements.

As always if you are interested in more technical details, we can only encourage you to check out our GitHub release notes.

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