OpenSpeedMonitor 5.0

01.10.2018 von 2018-10-24
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OpenSpeedMonitor 5.0

TLDR: The OpenSpeedmonitor now has a dashboard enabling quick performance assessment. This is our first step towards a more user friendly OpenSpeedMonitor.

OpenSpeedMonitor 5.0 comes with many major changes. We added a new front-end framework and updated the core of our back-end. In unison with these technical upgrades comes a completely new dashboard as well as the decision to be more open and inviting. The remainder of this blog post is structured as follows: Firstly, we describe our new dashboard and its features. Secondly, we will explain our new course including the dashboard.

The Application Dashboard

Get a grip on your web application's performance at first glance. This is the aim of our new dashboard. The Application Dashboard shows your pages and their current performance as well as the overall performance of your application all in one.(FYI: We consider job groups as applications)

The Application Dashboard is centered around a single KPI and a few handpicked metrics for each of your pages. The KPI we use is our own which we call Customer Satisfaction Index or in short CSI. The CSI has been a part of the OpenSpeedMonitor for long time but was never on the forefront.

The top bar focuses on your application's total Customer Satisfaction. It shows its latest value as well as the trend over the last four weeks. The total Customer Satisfaction is the weighted average of the pages' CSI. A page's CSI shows the percentage of users that are satisfied with the loading time of that particular page. The actual calculation of CSI values is slightly more complex and warrants its own lengthy blog post.

For each page there are also three metrics directly from your latest WebPageTest measurements. We picked a visual metric namely Speed Index, the all-time classic Document Complete and Bytes Fully Loaded for good measure. Document Complete has been the most popular metric in the web performance community for quite some time. Due to recent advances there is a push towards visual and user centric metrics (more here). Hence, we prioritize Speed Index over Document Complete.

A first step in a new direction

Over the years the OpenSpeedMonitor has been a great tool for web performance experts. Supporting the setup of WebPageTest measurements, running them continuously and organizing their results are some of our key features. The OpenSpeedMonitor also provides excellent means for web performance analysis on almost any level. For deep dive analysis you can drill down to specific requests. For a broader picture there are various means of aggregation and comparison.

Working with our users we discovered that some things are still missing. Primarily the OpenSpeedMonitor mostly addresses fully fledged web performance experts. To get up and running you will need a lot of knowledge which is hardly gained within the OpenSpeedMonitor itself. Starting with this release we will tackle this problem step by step in our work and upcoming releases. We welcome you to join us on this journey. Our first step concerns the way our users get insight into the performance of their web applications. There was no way to swiftly assess the overall performance of a web application yet. For our OpenSpeedMonitor 5.0 release we decided to address this issue first. Therefore, we proudly introduce the Application Dashboard.

To gain technical insight do not hesitate to check out our release notes on Github.


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